Terms and conditions?
1. Introduction:

Welcome to Oooom app owned by Solutions commercial company. Our goal is connect clients with best service providers by connecting app users with all service providers in your city by an electronic platform to request maintenance and other services. Oooom provides an easy and fun experience to the user by saving the effort of searching for the best providers of maintenance and other services with the best prices, quality, efficiency and quick completion. By using Oooom app you agree to terms and conditions that include all the below details and any other subsequent modifications.

2. Privacy Policy:

Privacy and confidential information statement. We appreciate your concerns about the privacy of your data. The confidentiality and privacy of the data is of utmost importance to us. Oooom app do not share client’s information for commercial purposes, and information is used only to provide the service at its best.

3. Prices:

The work cost includes only handworks but not spare parts and unusual works. Some services costs depend on area, size and location, where the service provider when visiting determines costs.

4. Payment Method:

Service cost should be paid for in cash, and immediately when the service is provided.

5. Guarantee:

The service provider provides guarantee after completing the work, where all service providers have pledged to provide a guarantee of work according to service providers’ terms and conditions. We always stand by your side in receiving complaints and help you by following up with service providers do you are satisfied about the service provided to you.

6. Disclaimer

Oooom app is not responsible of any work causes a destruction of public property or client property during execution of the work. The Service Provider acknowledges its full responsibility for any liability, compensation or other consequential consequence.

Oooom app is not responsible about acts that is against religion customs, or slogans issued by service providers while carrying out the works. The Service Provider acknowledges its full responsibility for any liability, compensation or other consequential consequence.

7. Trademark

Trademark and all the designs and contexts inside the app is completely owned by Oooom Solutions commercial company and they are all protected under the laws of property rights and trade names, and any other rights including intellectual property rights and must not be used for commercial or personal purposes.

8. Applicable Law and Conflict Resolution

App terms and conditions are governed, in their interpretation, implementation and all aspects, by the regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

9. App’s Terms and Conditions Modifications:

Oooom app has the right to modify any term or add new other terms to the terms and conditions of using the app without prior warning or notice. You can enter to the latest version of “Terms and Conditions” anytime at the website or the side menu on the app.

10. Contact

Complains and suggestions window in the app’s side-menu.

We are always at your service about any question. You can contact us by:

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